Chillin' Chicken | Personalised Cotton Tote Bag


This hilarious design is sure to make anyone laugh out loud! The funny, yet adorable, chicken floats calmly in an orange rubber ring on top of the salty sea waves. He is wearing a funky pink hat embellished with flowers, nestled closely to his pointy beak! The charisma displayed on this tote makes it the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a good laugh.


With plenty of space our tote bags are perfect for your everyday shoppings, lunch takeaways and anything you can think of really! They are made of natural cotton, which is great alternative to plastic bags. They are washable, reusable and durable! Each Eartton cotton tote bag is unique, hand made and can be personalised with any name.

Tote Style
  • Size

    Medium / Large with 15 Liters of storage and long handles.


    Width: 38cm

    Height: 42cm

  • Material

    100% Natural Cotton

    Eco friendly paint

    Eco friendly vinyl alternative

  • Care instructions

    Hand wash

    Best wash by hands to prevent cotton shrinking.


    Machine wash

    Colors are safe with 30°C wash.

Eco friendly






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