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"I have been using the tote every day since it arrived, it is durable and is perfect for picking up a bit of shopping, I would also definitely use this as a beach bag when we finally get back to doing a little travelling."

— Emma, @Fashionmommywm

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"As someone who could never find my name on things in gift shops, I really love having my name on stuff now, and better yet, it’s a really good quality bag. It’s larger than this style of tote usually is, which is great."

— Dana, @dana_._andersen

about us

We are a small family and UK business and super excited about creating something unique, with positive impact on our planet.


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Be Eco Friendly in 2020

Eco friendly organic* Cotton bags.

Handmade and personalised.

Say no to plastic bags, say yes to being unique!Eco friendly bag - 100% Cotton. Design is hand painted and handstitched. Permanent and non-toxic paint. Personalise with any name. Perfect as a gift (to yourself included 😇). Collection from Willesden. Standard delivery via post available at no charge. Please note that designs will vary and not be perfect as it is hand made, but that also adds to uniqueness. 🤗 Lets take care of our planet and do it with the style. 🌍🌿💁‍♀️💁🏾‍♂️

Eco friendly




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