Frequently asked questions

-Are your totes organic cotton?

Yes indeed they are, although it isn't certified yet.

-Is shipping free?

No. Shipping is not free, but we do offer free shipping in UK on orders over £20.

-Where are the bags made in?

Bags are made in Pakistan, imported by the UK seller and Designed in London.

From time to time we will change or substitute our supplier, but you can rest assured because we only buy from reputable and well established sources, with excellent ratings. 

-Are they good quality?

Yes. Bags are of premium cotton and will last for long with basic care (wash on 30°C).

-Is paint used non-toxic?

Yes, paints used are non-toxic and odourless, they conforms to ASTM D-4236. No hazardous chemicals used in the paint.

-Isn't vinyl bad for you?

Yes, regular vinyl is toxic and health hazard for everyone. Including persons who manufacture vinyl, work on it when heat pressing and for the environment. We are only using Eco friendly vinyl alternative which is also safe for children garments. It does come at a higher price, but considering everything it is totally worth it! 

-How are prints on the bag made?

Prints are hand painted. We use brushes, sponges, stencils, permanent fabric pens..wherever creativity takes us :) 

-How long will it take for my bag to arrive?

Please check our shipping info for pricing and times.

-What about Coronavirus?

Your safety comes first. Therefore we are taking some additional measures in how we handle the product.


Our cotton tote bags are hand painted and then threated with high heat, roughly at 200°C for about 5min, from then on we are handling bags with gloves and face mask.


Normally it takes more than 24 hours for package to arrive and it is advised that virus doesn’t survive on fabric for that many hours. Although if you feel more comfortable, leave it for few more hours or iron the bag with high heat.


Wash your hands after handling packaging.


If we notice anybody being affected within our community, we will stop production immediately!


Thank you and stay safe.

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