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We are small family based in London, tight with space but not ideas! I myself am coming from Croatian family who was always into sewing, creating and inspiring! Whether it was making teddy bears with the dream size for a kiddie, handmade moulds for statues and ornaments, or making the most unique flower bouquets you have ever seen! And all that from scratch! In the times like these, where machinery can print whatever you can think of, on almost anything you point, and in a matter of seconds, handmade items have sadly lost their track. But they are the ones that leave that unique trace of human effort, they are the ones that reminds us how connected everything is and how much we need each other! Thank you, my reader, for your interest in my short story. I promise i will introduce my self properly, until then please accept this photo of my enthusiastic self, glowing proudly in the glory of my grandparents craftery ^^

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